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Investing in the underlying ‘hard’ assets required to support UK economic growth.

Investing in the underlying ‘hard’ assets required to support UK economic growth.

Our Housing and Infrastructure strategy aims to deliver superior financial returns alongside positive impact, both social and environmental, through investments into two segments of the UK market facing undersupply.

In particular, we focus on regional investments at the smaller end of the market – areas often overlooked by investors. We believe that investing into sustainable businesses drives long-term competitive advantage and improves the returns for our investors.

Why invest in Housing & Infrastructure?

Investments in this area generally benefit from substantial asset-backing and can provide investors with attractive long-term cash flow which itself benefits from:

  • The defensive nature of the underlying assets
  • Downside protection from the underlying asset cover
  • An attractive income stream that is often inflation-linked
  • Investments with a positive impact

Our investments are centred on the less-competitive end of this market, with investments below £50m, a more fragmented space than for ‘traditional’ larger investments.


In our view, this is due to the resource-intensive nature of the investment process required to shape and deliver deals. The investment team’s extensive industry experience and network of contacts and advisors positions us well to realise the best value over the long term.

We are able to take advantage of capital-intensive opportunities that typically require a long-term investment horizon
and significant upfront investment of time.

How can I invest in Housing & Infrastructure?

For information on our Housing & Infrastructure investment opportunities, please contact:

Heather Fleming, Head of Institutional Business
+44 (0)20 3873 5908

Catriona Buckley, Institutional Business Development Director
+44 (0)20 3903 0573

Investment team

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