Real Assets

Our Real Assets division invests in tangible assets, seeking to provide clients with sustainable yield and long-term capital growth.

Our Real Assets division invests in tangible assets, seeking to provide clients with sustainable yield and long-term capital growth.

This page does not constitute investment advice. 

Gresham House’s Real Assets strategies target sustainable yield and long-term capital growth for clients, through investment in a variety of tangible assets.

Gresham House’s Real Assets division encompasses a broad range of asset classes, including Forestry, Renewables, Battery Energy Storage, Housing, Commercial Property, and Sustainable Infrastructure. Real Assets are strategically positioned to offer investors portfolio diversification and the potential for inflation protection through proven, sustainable alternative investments. These investments not only aim to provide potential for uncorrelated returns to equity markets but can also offer diversified sources of income. 

What are Real Assets? 

Real Assets are tangible assets such as land, buildings, and infrastructure. They are inherently valuable due to their physical characteristics. Investing in Real Assets can be advantageous as they can help to provide a hedge against inflation, generate stable cash flows, and typically present lower risks over the long term. At Gresham House, we focus on real assets that are financially attractive alongside being resilient and sustainable, aligning investment returns with broader economic and societal benefits. 


As with any investment there are risks. While we seek to minimise and mitigate risks, we cannot eliminate those that arise from investing in real assets. 

Anyone making an investment is putting their capital at risk. It is important to note that past performance is not an indicator of future returns, and any income from these investments can go down as well as up. 

Different real asset investments will have additional risks associated with them so it is important that prospective investors understand any specific risks by reading and understanding fund documentation before investing.

How to invest in Real Assets? 

To access real asset investments, prospective investors might consider direct acquisitions, partnerships, or investing in funds that specialise in these assets, such as those managed by Gresham House. We offer investors exposure to a range of real asset portfolios that seek to provide attractive risk-adjusted returns through our team’s specialist and active asset management.  

These types of investments generally require significant capital and a deep understanding of the market, underscoring the importance of partnering with experienced experts like Gresham House, who are well-versed in navigating market dynamics alongside meeting and exceeding regulatory frameworks. 

Our approach to Real Asset investing 

Our approach to investing in Real Assets is characterised by a strong commitment to sustainability, deep market expertise, and a disciplined investment methodology. At Gresham House, we assess Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors from the perspective of both the level of risk and the potential opportunity to generate attractive risk-adjusted returns. We are committed to active asset management and the continuous monitoring of market trends and regulatory shifts, ensuring that we actively contribute towards addressing some of the largest environmental and societal challenges through our investments. 

Our strategies 


Our investments seek to deliver attractive risk-adjusted returns through long-term productive, sustainable forestry management. 

An allocation to forestry can help to diversify an investment portfolio and offers exposure to potential increases in the value of the timber, carbon credits, natural capital and the underlying land value. 

As a leading forestry investor, we take our responsibilities to sustainability and governance very seriously. 

New Energy (including renewables and battery storage) 

Gresham House has deep expertise in renewables including wind, solar, and battery energy storage (BESS).

We launched the UK’s first battery storage fund in 2018, which is now the largest fund of its type in the UK and possibly Europe. 

Our investments in these renewable technologies are pivotal to supporting the transition to a low-carbon economy and responding to the increasing global demand for clean energy, while also targeting substantial returns for clients. 

Sustainable Infrastructure

Significant investment is needed in new Sustainable Infrastructure that can support and accelerate the changes and innovative solutions required to address key environmental and societal challenges.  

We believe our Sustainable Infrastructure investments, will deliver strong financial, social and environmental returns alongside supporting the transition to a more sustainable world.

They provide innovative solutions that enable a new, more sustainable, way of living, and can be accessed through limited partnership funds and regional co-investment funds.

Real Estate (UK housing) gresham-house-shared-ownership-news-may-24-featured

We offer long-term equity investments into UK housing, through listed and unlisted housing investment vehicles, each focused on addressing different areas of the affordable housing problem.   

Our investments aim to deliver stable and secure inflation-linked returns for investors while providing social and environmental benefits to our residents, the local community and the wider economy. We focus on three key housing tenures: shared ownership, retirement living and build-to-rent. 

In Ireland, we provide value-add investments in commercial property including office, retail and industrial properties in the greater Dublin area and major regional urban centres. 

Our Real Assets investments assess ESG factors from a risk and opportunities perspective to generate the potential for at least market-level investment returns. Our funds also aim to actively contribute towards solutions to some of the largest environmental and societal challenges.

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