Our Registered Providers

What is a Registered Provider of social housing?

Registered Providers of Social Housing (RPs) are entities providing, or intending to provide, social housing in England that are registered with the Regulator of Social Housing (RSH).

RPs are the principal owners and developers of homes in the UK social housing sector.

The regulatory environment for social housing requires high standards of governance, financial viability and resident welfare which is embraced by Gresham House’s UK housing team and forms a core part of our investment analysis.

ReSI Housing and ReSI Homes

Gresham House manages two RPs through separate UK housing funds: Residential Secure Income plc (ReSI plc, LSE: RESI) and Gresham House Residential Secure Income LP (ReSI LP).

Both funds invest in Shared Ownership through their respective wholly-owned RP:

Both our RPs are designated as for-profit which allows them to raise equity for new investment into the social housing sector.

Our investments in Shared Ownership have dual primary objectives, to:

1) Provide investors with stable and secure long income returns that contractually rise with inflation, and

2) Fulfil a key societal need by lowering the lifetime cost of housing for lower and middle-income earners such as key workers

We are committed to delivering best-in-class shared ownership investment products while driving best practice across the sector. That commitment is underlined in our Best Practice Paper along with our Shared Ownership Customer and Environmental Charters, which address the aspects of shared ownership that have attracted criticism in the past, as well as committing to delivering homes that are sustainable for the long term.

What are the benefits of investing through a Registered Provider?

Owning a Registered Provider allows ReSI plc and ReSI LP to invest:

  • Directly in the Shared Ownership sector and other regulated housing tenures
  • Via a landlord subject to a robust regulatory regime, for the benefit of residents and all stakeholders
  • With the benefit of Government-funded (and other) grant programmes, which support subsidised affordable Shared Ownership rents
  • Into new homes that are subject to s106 planning restrictions to be delivered as new affordable housing

Gresham House’s aim to increase development capacity

Through its two RPs, Gresham House is able to facilitate increased investment and development in the social housing sector and support the development of new homes across the country. We do this in two ways:

1. Developing new shared ownership homes, through forward funding or forward purchase arrangements – with a focus on delivering additionality of new affordable housing beyond what planning requires; and

2. Acquiring tenanted portfolios of shared ownership homes from Housing Associations and Local Authorities – allowing them to recycle capital into developing new homes and investing in their existing rented stock.

Our RPs are flexible and can invest directly or in joint ventures, and we can manage properties directly through our in-house team or using local partners.

To find out more about how Gresham House can help contact resi.acquisitions@greshamhouse.com