ReSI Homes Limited

A for-profit Registered Provider of social housing

A for-profit Registered Provider of social housing

ReSI Homes Limited (ReSI Homes) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the institutional investor-focused limited partnership Gresham House Residential Secure Income LP (ReSI LP), and is part of an HMRC-recognised REIT group.

ReSI Homes is authorised and regulated by the Regulator of Social Housing (with registration number 5092) as a for-profit Registered Provider (RP) of Social Housing.

ReSI Homes was approved as an RP in March 2020 and is an Investment Partner of Homes England and the Greater London Authority for the delivery of new affordable homes. It is a long-term, private sector social housing landlord within the social housing regulatory environment.

ReSI Homes’s core investment focus is on Shared Ownership and our Registered Provider status is crucial to meet the investment objectives of our investors. ReSI Homes can access government grant funding programmes to invest in the affordable housing sector and promote the delivery of much needed high-quality affordable housing, to meet growing demand.

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Heather Fleming
Managing Director, Institutional Business
+44 (0)20 3873 5908