About Us

Gresham House is a London Stock Exchange quoted specialist alternative asset manager offering funds, direct investment and tailored investment solutions, including co-investment, across five highly differentiated alternative investment strategies.

Incorporated in 1857, Gresham House is one of the oldest companies in London still operating today. In December 2014, a new management team set out to transform the former property focused investment trust into a specialist asset management business. The vision was to build a business whereby the Group would become an ‘asset to covet’, generating shareholder value through delivering sustainable and superior investment performance, quality service provision alongside non-financial returns. To create a culture of empowerment, in which individual flair and entrepreneurial thinking is encouraged.

From a standing start in December 2014, through a combination of acquisitions and organic growth, the team has significantly grown the Gresham House business; assets under management now exceed £2.2 billion, providing a strong and scalable platform from which to continue to grow.


Our Offering

  • Five specialist investment strategies
  • Accessible through stock-exchange listed funds, limited partnerships and managed accounts
  • Customised investment solutions and co-investment offering

Our Commitment To...


  • Alignment
  • Performance
  • Transparency and engagement



  • Pride
  • Work satisfaction
  • Empowerment



  • Respect and adherence
  • Individual ownership
  • Gold standards


  • Value creation
  • Sustainable over the long-term
  • Strong emphasis on Return On Capital Employed



  • Disciplined
  • Accountable
  • Risk-aware culture



  • Cultural
  • Responsible
  • Ethical

Our History

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November 2018

Acquired the fund and investment management business of Livingbridge VC LLP (Livingbridge VC), comprising two Baronsmead VCTs and two OEICS

May 2018

Completion of acquisition of FIM Services Limited (FIM), an alternative investment fund manager specialising in UK sustainable forestry and UK renewable energy investments

January 2018

Launched client portal, providing a greater level of transparency and reporting. Facilitates co-investment opportunities.

December 2017

Completed transformation to specialist asset manager, with the sale of final property inherited by the management team. Now profitable on a run-rate basis.

October 2017

Acquisition of Hazel Capital and formation of Gresham House New Energy

June 2017

AUM increases c.50% YTD, doubling over two years

June 2017

First close of British Strategic Investment Fund with £150m

May 2017

Proposed acquisition of Hazel Capital LLP

February 2017

The Royal County of Berkshire Pension Fund takes a 20% shareholding in Gresham House PLC

November 2016

Aitchesse Limited rebranded to Gresham House Forestry

October 2016

First close of Gresham House Forestry Fund LP

August 2016

Launch and first close of Strategic Public Equity Fund LP

July 2016

Gresham House awarded the investment mandate contract for LMS Capital

November 2015

Gresham House acquires Aitchesse Limited

November 2015

Gresham House Asset Management authorised by the FCA

October 2015

SPARK Ventures PLC rebranded Gresham House Strategic PLC

July 2015

Gresham House launches its first division through the appointment to manage quoted investment company SPARK Ventures PLC

March 2015

Established Gresham House Asset Management (GHAM)

December 2014

Gresham House PLC begins trading on the Alternative Investment Market (AIM)

December 2014

Established management buy in to Gresham House Plc, ceasing to be an Authorised Investment Trust

July 1950

July 1950 Gresham House Plc listed on the LSE


Acquisition of “Island” site

Gresham House Estates Ltd acquires an “island” site between London Wall and Great Winchester Street. A subsidiary, Great Winchester Street Estates Limited was formed to hold it. [London metropolitan Archives].


Acquisition of Broad Street Estates

Gresham House Estates Ltd acquires Broad Street Estates Limited, including a freehold building in Old Broad Street opposite Gresham House.


Gresham House Estate Company Incorporates

Gresham House Estates Limited incorporates as company number 871 on 14th May under George Burnand. Corney and Barrow wine merchants are one of the Company’s first tenants (and remain as tenants for over one hundred years).


Gresham House Estate Company Expands

The Gresham House Estate Company expands its portfolio by acquiring 22 – 27 Old Broad Street.


Gresham House Estate Company Premises Sold

The premises of HM Excise Office are sold to the Gresham House Estate Company, under Chairman W.J. Chaplin.


Gresham College Moves

Gresham College is demolished and replaced with HM Excise Office of Broad Street. Gresham College moves to new premises on Gresham Street before finally moving to Barnard’s Inn Hall in 1991. The college is still funded from Sir Thomas Gresham’s estate.


Gresham College Founded

Gresham College is founded to provide free lectures within the City of London. Its original lecturers, including Sir Christopher Wren and Robert Hooke, live at the mansion in Bishopsgate.


Formation of Foundation

Sir Thomas Gresham leaves proceeds in his will for the foundation of a college in his name and housed at his former mansion and gardens between Old Broad Street and Bishopsgate.


Sir Thomas Gresham

Sir Thomas Gresham, former Lord Mayor of London and financial agent to the monarchy from King Henry VIII to Queen Elizabeth I, founds the Royal Exchange at his mansion between Old Broad Street and Bishopsgate.


The Gresham Grasshopper

The Gresham family crest is a golden grasshopper sitting atop a green mound. According to ancient legend, in the 13th century the founder of the family, Roger de Gresham, was abandoned as a new-born baby among long grass in Norfolk but was rescued by a woman whose attention was drawn to the child by a grasshopper.