Tony Dalwood and Olly Hughes discuss developments with Forestry in 2023

December 2023

December 2023

📽️ Olly  Hughes – Forestry

For the latest in his series of interviews with senior members of the Gresham House team, Tony Dalwood speaks with Olly Hughes, Managing Director in our Forestry division.

Tony and Olly discuss the developments in the Gresham House Forestry business in 2023, as well as looking ahead to 2024. They also discuss performance and the impacts of the higher inflation and interest rate environment.

Olly has also recently played a key role in coordinating an exciting international initiative in the Forestry sector. The International Sustainable Forestry Coalition was announced at the start of September and heralds a new era of global cooperation to ensure that the opportunities for forestry to support global climate and biodiversity challenges are fully understood and to make a full contribution towards a more sustainable future.


Please note: This video contains forward-looking statements. Any opinions expressed in this video are Olly and Tony’s own and not necessarily those of Gresham House. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. Capital at risk.


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