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Video - Ken Wotton on the micro-cap kicker for your investments

Video - Ken Wotton on the micro-cap kicker for your investments

Ken Wotton talks all things micro cap with Octo Members



Investment in smaller companies which are traded on AIM or PLUS Markets, by its nature, involves a higher degree of risk than investment in larger companies, including those traded on the main market.

In particular, smaller companies often have limited product lines, markets or financial resources and may be dependent for their management on a smaller number of key individuals. In addition, the market for shares in smaller companies is often less liquid than that for shares in larger companies, bringing with it potential difficulties in acquiring, valuing and disposing of such shares. Investments held by the Funds may be difficult to realise. The fact that a share is traded on AIM or PLUS-Markets does not guarantee its liquidity. The spread between the buying and selling price of such shares may be wide and thus the price used for valuation may not be achievable.


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