Introduction to Co-Investment

Alongside financial returns, many of our clients and investors look for opportunities to increase their investment into specific sectors and regions of their choice on a deal-by-deal basis.

We aim to provide our clients with access to co-investment opportunities that are relevant to them in terms of industry focus, geographic location or investment size. We also aim to ensure that co-investors are provided with a comprehensive level of analysis to appraise the deal, in order to make a decision to invest with confidence.

Ultimately, we strive to provide investors with the same level of information on a deal, as if they had been sitting around the table participating in our investment committee meetings and decision-making process.

How does Co-Investment Work?

Opportunities are made available to investors via our proprietary online Gresham House Client Portal.  The diagram below explains the five stage process each co-investment deal goes through.

How do I become a Co-Investor?

For more information on how to become a co-investor and to discuss whether co-investment is suitable for you, please contact us using the form below.