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An overview of our capabilities for investment consultants

An overview of our capabilities for investment consultants

Why invest in Housing?


Regardless of the wider economic environment, people need good quality, affordable homes.

The UK’s shortage of affordable housing is well-documented and is caused by a combination of demographic trends and historic undersupply – with affordable housing delivery of only 50,000 per year, a third of the 145,000 affordable homes required.

What we need each year What is being built each year The affordable housing gap
➡ 145,000 affordable homes ➡ 50,000 affordable homes ➡ 95,000 every year


To address this undersupply, housing developers (volume house builders, small regional developers, housing associations or local authorities) require long term patient capital.

We seek to meet this requirement in order to accelerate the development of socially and economically beneficial new housing, making a meaningful contribution to the UK housing shortage.


Investments in housing benefit from substantial asset-backing and can provide investors with attractive long-term returns.

Investors can also benefit from:

  • Stable and secure, long term, inflation-linked returns delivered through rental income from individual residents diversified by location, property type (e.g. houses, apartments) and resident type
  • Strong and quantifiable social benefits which can be mapped to four Sustainable Development Goals (the SDGs)
  • Low volatility and greater downside protection versus commercial real estate, infrastructure and other traditional asset classes
  • Our funds have investment partner status from Homes England and the Greater London Authority, who provide financial grants for each new affordable home we deliver

Our Housing funds aim to address different areas of affordable housing across a range of complementary strategies, including Shared Ownership housing, Build to Rent (BtR), retirement rentals, temporary housing and other opportunistic residential exposures.

Our key focus and priorities for 2021 and 2022 are:

  • Gresham House Residential Secure Income LP Launched in H1 2021, fund investing exclusively in Shared Ownership housing
  • Gresham House Mainstream BtR LP  Launching in H2 2021, strategy investing in the delivery of attractive, fairly priced homes (Mainstream BtR) for working people to rent across the UK’s regional cities to meet the structural supply shortage of affordable homes


Fund and strategy overview flyers


Gresham House Residential Secure Income LP (ReSI) Mainstream Build to Rent strategy (BtR)

Shared Ownership resources


Shared Ownership Housing webinar

Ben Fry and Pete Redman are joined by Savills’ Lawrence Bowles to discuss the increasing role Shared Ownership plays in tackling the UK’s housing affordability crisis.

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Best practice in Shared Ownership housing

The UK’s shortage of affordable housing is well-documented and has been caused by a combination of demographic trends and historic undersupply of new homes. Read our white paper to find out the full story.

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Sustainable investment

Gresham House Sustainable Investment Report

Gresham House released its inaugural Sustainable Investment Report in March of this year.

The sustainability industry evolved rapidly during 2020 as demand for investments that meet return objectives whilst benefiting wider society and the environment increased, and this report provides an insight into our progress.

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Housing Sustainable Investment Policy

Gresham House has a clear commitment to sustainable investment as an integral part of its business mission.

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How to invest in Housing

Investors can access Gresham House’s Housing equity investment opportunities via our listed housing vehicle, Residential Secure Income plc, through Unregulated Collective Investment Schemes (UCIS) or via co-investment opportunities.

For more information, please contact our Consultant Relations team –


James Lindsay
Head of Institutional Business
Catriona Buckley, CFA
Institutional Business Development Director
Keisha-Ann Duodu
Institutional Sales Associate

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