Gresham House Euro Liquidity Fund

An active fund which seeks to provide liquidity and a moderate return, consistent with achieving capital preservation.

It invests primarily in cash deposits, with the ability to also invest in short-dated government debt, corporate debt and floating-rate notes.

Detailed due diligence and credit analysis is completed prior to any investment. Diversification of risk is achieved via exposure to different instruments and institutions.

Our approach and process

A disciplined investment process complements our strong investment philosophy. Investors in the Gresham House Euro Liquidity Fund can benefit from:

  • Income generated from low-risk investments in financial instruments such as cash deposits, short-dated Government and Corporate bonds and Floating Rate Notes
  • The objectives of capital preservation and the reduction of investment risk via appropriate credit analysis and diversification of deposit taking institution and debt issuers
  • From an actively managed portfolio of suitable maturing assets that allows the investors access to their capital at short notice

Fund performance

Past performance is not a guide to future performance. Capital at risk.

How to invest

Prospective investors can access information about how to invest in our products, by directly contacting

Kathryn Hannon, Head of Private Clients
+353 87 741 6057

Investment team

Distribution team

Gresham House Asset Management Ireland Limited

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