Baronsmead VCTs survey

June 2020

June 2020

This survey is aimed at those investors who invested money in the Baronsmead VCTs as part of the most recent fundraising conducted between October 2019 and March 2020. The purpose of the survey is to help us better understand the types of investors who are investing in the VCTs and their reasons for investing. All responses are anonymous and will be looked at in aggregate only. We thank you for taking the time to complete this survey and share your views.
  • About you

    • Initial VCT tax reliefs
    • Receiving tax-free dividends
    • To invest in a diversified portfolio of growth, unquoted and AIM companies
    • As part of retirement planning (e.g. as an alternative to pension contributions)
    • Other
  • Most recent Baronsmead VCT fundraising (19/20)

  • Future appetite to invest

  • Very unlikelyUnlikelyUndecidedLikelyVery likely
  • 0 - Least likely12345678910 - Most likely
Please do not use this survey to ask specific questions relating to your own individual investment or to raise complaints as we can’t guarantee they will be responded to if submitted through this survey.