Our values

Six values are deeply rooted across Gresham House, ensuring we focus intently on our goals and ambitions

Six values are deeply rooted across Gresham House, ensuring we focus intently on our goals and ambitions

Our culture empowers our team to design and implement alternative investment solutions in support of a more sustainable future, and keeping ESG considerations front and centre.


This continues to be reflected in our success and through industry awards which validate our individual, team and business performance. Six core values are firmly ingrained across the organisation and provide a platform for our staff to develop both individually and as group.


We are…


We are driven, ambitious and reflective. We take decisions based on robust analysis and in-depth research, while always ensuring we look back on our results with a critical eye to understand how to improve.


We act with purpose and urgency and are dedicated to creating shareholder and investor value through innovative investment solutions that tackle environmental and social challenges.


We recognise and develop talent from a range of backgrounds to help us be innovative, forward thinking and ultimately to deliver the best for all our stakeholders.


We have created a culture based on empowering individual flair and entrepreneurial thinking.


We work together for the long-term benefit of our clients, shareholders and society. We also work proactively with management teams and key stakeholders to instigate positive change.


We are committed to building a sustainable future through authentic alignment of our actions to our purpose, including implementation, monitoring and reporting. We pride ourselves on being honest about our key strengths whilst understanding where improvements are needed.

Louise Richards


We value that each employee is different and are committed to capitalising on these differences. We aim to embrace our diversity of thought and skillset to achieve better results for our clients and to create an environment where everyone feels valued, respected and able to realise their full potential.

Louise Richards, HR Director