Sustainable Infrastructure investment

Real asset based solutions tackling the key environmental and societal challenges faced by humanity

Real asset based solutions tackling the key environmental and societal challenges faced by humanity

Sustainable Infrastructure at Gresham House

Our mission

We intentionally scale impactful infrastructure assets that are good for investors because they are good for people and the planet.

Our vision

To solve society’s most difficult challenges by partnering with the smartest capital to make great investments.

At Gresham House, we recognise that significant investment is needed in new Sustainable Infrastructure to address the key environmental and societal challenges that the world faces.

The problem of achieving ‘net zero’ is broad and non-linear, covering everything from low carbon footprint food, great access to the internet, how we care for the elderly, to how we turn our waste into a valuable product.

To reach it will require a multi-faceted approach, incorporating a range of interlinked solutions, covering everything from ensuring access to the internet to how we process our waste.

We strive to target investments that have the potential to deliver the biggest impact and the best financial returns for our clients. This is done through innovative real asset based infrastructure investment across six key subsectors.


Sustainable Infrastructure subsectors

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Hydrogen and EV infrastructure, heat solutions, energy transition infrastructure

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Digital inclusion

Fibre and gigabit networks, data centre infrastructure

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Health & education

Dementia and specialised healthcare, SEN schools, nurseries, vocational training

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Biodiversity net gain habitat banks, nature-based solutions

Resource efficiency

Sustainable food infrastructure, hydroponic farming, alternative proteins, water efficiency

Waste solutions

‘Closed-loop’ and on-site waste processing solutions

Why invest in Sustainable Infrastructure?

We believe the path to net zero and sustainable living presents a $100 trillion+ opportunity and to participate requires a joined-up approach and multi-year commitment.

Investing in Sustainable Infrastructure with Gresham House offers appealing characteristics to buy-and-hold investors and provides the potential for stable, long-term returns.

Sustainable Infrastructure investments can benefit from:

➕  Downside protection through substantial asset-backing

➕  The potential for capital growth

  Attractive long-term cash flow yields

  Material positive social and environmental impact

➕  Returns with a low correlation to the broader economy or financial markets

Key risks

  • The value of the Fund and the income from it is not guaranteed and may fall as well as rise. As your capital is at risk you may get back less than you originally invested
  • Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance

A snippet of our Sustainable Infrastructure portfolio*


“Supporting a just transition to net zero through investment in new real asset solutions.”

* Investments selected for illustrative purposes and not investment recommendations.


Portfolio in focus

An introduction to our innovative investments.

Fischer Farms

Feeding the world through vertical farming – reaching new heights to safeguard food security and grow perfection.


Environment Bank

A new plan for the planet – advancing a new mechanism for nature recovery.


Why invest with Gresham House?

Our focus is on sub-£50mn investments in regional projects where there is typically less competition.

We believe that with the right strategy and the right manager the potential for both social and financial returns can be achieved.

Indeed, when implemented well, we believe the potential for attractive financial returns is secured because of the impact.

Our team are highly experienced and have raised and invested >£550mn to-date across 12 infrastructure platform investments within our inaugural flagship strategy, BSIF.

Building on this success, further deployment will leverage these platform deals and we have an extensive (£1.6bn+) controlled pipeline for our latest strategy, BSIF II.

All our investments are required to deliver a positive social and/or environmental impact and are aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Vitally, they must also deliver strong risk-adjusted financial returns for our investors.

We also offer local co-investment opportunities for LPs either via a side car or on a deal-by-deal basis.

How to invest in Sustainable Infrastructure

Investors can access Gresham House’s Sustainable Infrastructure investment opportunities in three ways: Unregulated Collective Investment Schemes (UCIS), direct investment or co-investment.


For information, please contact:

Heather Fleming, Managing Director, Institutional Business
+44 (0)20 3873 5908
Anthony Crosbie Dawson, Director, Private Clients
+44 (0)1451 843 096

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