Sustainable Investment Report

For the year to 31 December 2023

For the year to 31 December 2023

Investing sustainably for our future

Welcome to our latest Sustainable Investment Report, covering the year to 31 December 2023, where we detail how we remained committed to driving forward the sustainable investment agenda, alongside generating attractive financial returns for clients.

The events of 2023 further underscored the imperative for a sustainable future economy. Issues such as energy security, food production, and climate change all highlighted the critical need for private investment in sustainable alternatives.

The private assets we invest in are at the forefront of sustainable solutions, and we partner with our clients to help them achieve their net-zero, natural capital and social impact goals. Our clients rightfully expect us to demonstrate measurable outcomes from their investments, and we have expanded our efforts to collect, measure, and monitor ESG metrics to meet this expectation.

In the face of ongoing economic challenges and global uncertainties, we remained committed to delivering investment solutions that support our clients’ financial and sustainability objectives.

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