Sustainable Investment Report Sustainable Investment Report

April 2022

April 2022

We are delighted to announce the release of our 2022 Sustainable Investment Report

The report demonstrates our work and progress over the last year, including case studies, measurements of what we have achieved, and key milestones.

Detailing the key pillars of our services to all stakeholders, our new Sustainable Investment Report highlights the range of reporting and transparency we provide to clients and shareholders, and demonstrates the impact that we as a business and our investments are having on the environment and society.

Expanded and improved for 2022, the report aims to show how we are building our business on the foundations of sustainability, while ensuring any new ventures, acquisitions and operations are brought into line with our ambitions.

We hope you enjoy the report and welcome any feedback.






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We are delighted to reiterate our commitment to sustainability and we outline in this report the ways we have driven the sustainability agenda forward throughout 2021 with ambition. 

– Tony Dalwood, Chief Executive


In the latest in our series of monthly videos, Tony is joined by Managing Director, Rupert Robinson.


Tony and Rupert discuss the launch of our Sustainable Investment Report and the wider sustainable investing imperative for the industry.

For more information please contact:

Rebecca Craddock-Taylor
Director, Sustainable Investment and Chair of the Sustainability Executive Committee


Sustainable Investment team

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