Baronsmead Second Venture
Trust plc
Baronsmead Second Venture
Trust plc

COVID-19 Investment Manager Update

Gresham House Asset Management Ltd has released a statement regarding the
COVID-19 which can be found here.


The Baronsmead Second Venture Trust fund looks to support the future of British businesses by investing in innovative smaller companies through tax-efficient listed venture capital trusts.

How to invest

Prospective investors can buy new shares when available through an offer for subscription.

Our current offer is available on the Baronsmead website >>


To receive information about share offers please sign up via the links below:

Individual investors >>

Financial advisers >>


Please visit the Baronsmead VCT website >> for more information on current or upcoming subscriptions.

Investors can also access the fund through the listed company (ticker: BMD)


Important information

Prospective investors should carefully consider the risks associated with this form of investment and seek advice from a qualified financial adviser. Investment in smaller unquoted companies involves a higher degree of risk than investment in larger companies. VCT shares are infrequently traded, so shares are often valued at a discount to their Net Asset Value and may be difficult to realise. Shareholders may be offered a price which is less than the full value of the underlying assets.

Investment team

Investor Relations queries

0800 923 1534

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