Long-Term Investment Solutions

Clients are increasingly moving away from asking asset managers for a single product or building block as part of a diversified portfolio in favour of advice on their broader investment objectives.

The Gresham House Long Term Investment Solutions proposition has been established specifically to evaluate a client’s needs and to provide a personalised investment solution.

This may be as simple as producing a consistent level of income, earning a targeted investment return over and above inflation or seeking to offset future pension fund liabilities. There may also be specific ESG or social impact investing requirements.

The team draws upon the multiple investment skills from across the group with the aim of delivering specific outcomes through investment in alternative assets including:

  • Timber
  • Infrastructure and Housing
  • New Energy
  • Private Assets

To understand more about Gresham House Long Term Investment Solutions and how this may benefit you, please get in contact with Heather Fleming at h.fleming@greshamhouse.com