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Gresham House not afraid to put skin in the game to succeed

UK-based funds boutique Gresham House Asset Management is on the way to a massive expansion which it has been gearing up for over the past two years.

The specialist asset manager which stems from a nearly 160-year old investment trust and one of the oldest companies listed on the London Stock Exchange, looks to make its mark in the alternative assets space.

Anthony Dalwood, CEO and Chairman of the Investment Committee at Gresham, told AltAssets, “The growth in alternative assets we have seen over the past two decades is accelerating and what used to simply be private equity and real estate has now grown to encompass a variety of asset classes from venture capital to mezzanine and infrastructure.”

Dalwood, founder of SVG Investment Managers, established the boutique together with Miton Group founder Michael Phillips, bringing a seasoned team of investment professionals on board.

Dalwood said, “Two years ago, we brought together a team that successfully collaborated at SVG/Schroders to provide a different model for alternative asset management.

“One thing we do differently is operate a merchant banking style approach: whenever we do a deal or set up a fund we typically use our balance sheet to cornerstone that investment and as significant shareholders in the business we back our own strategies.

“We have already established a scalable specialist asset management platform with three clear strategies – Real Assets, Strategic Public Equity and Small to Mid-Market Private Equity.

“Now, Gresham House is at the second stage of its journey which is to grow the assets under management (AUM) in each strategy.

” We intend to add further alternative asset management strategies to our platform and expand the AUM to a multi-billion range in due course.

“Since the financial crisis, investors have developed a bigger appetite for co-investments as they are aiming for lower fees and more discretion.

“This growing demand was the reason why we decided to offer our LPs the option to co-invest in each of our platforms and on a discretionary deal by deal basis.”

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