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Gresham House Forestry on the cover of MoneyWeek

“Save on tax and save the planet: put some money in forestry” – David Prosser, MoneyWeek

“You can’t expect to find a magic money tree, but if you are a wealthier investor, then adding a forest to your portfolio could boost your returns – and it’s environmentally friendly too. David Prosser explores the options.

In turbulent political and economic times, many investors are attracted to physical, tangible assets that promise some sort of protection against inflation, upheaval in the financial system, or political change (or often, all three at once). Gold is one such “real asset”; property is another. But while most of us probably have some exposure to property, and many MoneyWeek readers will already own gold, there’s one “real” asset you perhaps haven’t considered – forestry. Investing in woodland might sound like a hassle (it can be), or only for those who are aiming to pass their wealth to the next generation (it certainly has its uses on that front). But if you are looking to diversify your portfolio and plan to invest for the long run, it’s an asset class that you shouldn’t ignore.”

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